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Founded in 2003, Shanghai Funong Seed Co., Ltd is a joint-venture private company established by a group of scientific researchers dedicated to the research and improvement of vegetable species in our country. It is a technological vegetable-seed development company, integrating scientific research, production and selling.

Our company has a 10-hectare seed research and development base in Caolu Modern Agricultural Park, Pudong District, Shanghai. The base includes a 2-hectare-townhouse greenhouse, 6 hectares of various protected facilities, and 1000 square meters for scientific research, office room and warehouse. We have many senior-intermediate scientific researchers who have been specializing in new vegetable seed breeding for years. We have developed 3 main good hybrid species, which are European Fruit Cucumber, Pink Tomato and Cauliflower. The cultivation covers over 100000 acres every year.

Our principle is to enable more farmers to sow a better-quality vegetable seed, and receive a better harvest.

Enrich all farmers worldwide.